We packed up the car and took art to Sydney!

You may have already heard about my preparations for taking my work to show in Sydney, and if you did miss it, follow along on my Instagram back a few weeks. Now it’s all over and the dust has settled. I even managed to edit video documentation. More on that later…

One day in early July, we loaded up my little Toyota Corolla with art, bags, snacks, and road trip music/podcasts and started the long drive to Sydney. It is far, far away! I am a bit of a novice to long car trips, so that was an experience. It felt like a real achievement when we finally arrived.

The next day after our big drive and after some misadventures with the multi-lane, one-way streets(!) in the CBD, we arrived at Gaffa Gallery. Installing an exhibition is always time consuming, but everything went according to plan. My poorly-paid art-assistant, Brad, did an excellent job of assisting. And within a little under a full day, it was all up and ready to be seen!

The space has a wall that juts out into the centre of the room. I could wrap my vinyl painting around it. So, it was technically on four different walls, which meant visitors could walk all the way around the artwork.

I make the painted vinyl pieces outside of the gallery usually, so I had used measurements to estimate size, but I’m never sure how it will come together until I’m in the space on install day with squeegee in hand. I played around, tacking pieces in place before deciding that’s where they needed to go and slowly the collage of vinyl and paint started to emerge.

I captured some footage of the exhibition. Click below to watch the video!
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Here are a few more pics of the finished product. You can see more here.

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