Studio Time: Preparation for an Exhibition in Sydney!

I set myself a goal for this year.

…to show my work somewhere outside of Victoria. I’m not a huge setter-of-goals, only informal ones. But I put out a few feelers and much to my delight, my proposal to exhibit was accepted by Gaffa in Sydney!

I’ll be showing an installation of vinyl and 6 works on aluminium panel from 6th to 17th July.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have watched the work unfold. But in case you didn’t catch that, here are some shots (along with a few extra shots) of the work unfolding in the studio.

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The Brushy Parallel Sneak Peak

An empty wall wasn’t a menacing prospect as I arrived ready to install last Monday morning to install for the Daylesford Group Residency Exhibition, the resultant exhibition from a residency I went on in November last year.  Let me share a few work in process images, only a handful because I forgot to take photos as I worked this time.

Black.  Actually, it’s very dark grey.  I have oft considered it a non-colour, good for outlines and highlights, but my attitude is changing.  As you know, I’m all about colour, but this (shade of) black is so flat.  It just stops.  I mix up glossy colours onto glossy vinyl all the time, but I like the abruptness of this section.

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Union House Commission

I was recently commissioned to create a mural on a disused wall of Union House at the Parkville Campus of Melbourne University.  The site featured a deep purple wall and a maroon vinyl seating across the front.  I was asked to work with both.  When a site has offered up colours that I have to work with like this in the past, I have toyed with complementing or contrasting, and with ignoring the colour altogether.  This time, I attempted to select a colour palette independent of its background colour but with a different tonal value.

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The past month has been full of stuff.  I completed my research paper and submitted it, which was to discuss the issues present in my work and situate my work within an historical context.  It was quickly apparent that five thousand words wasn’t going to allow me delve too exhaustively into all aspects of my work, but I was able to cover part of it.  It was a great opportunity to learn about my practice and what drives it.  I may post a few excerpts in future posts.  Alongside this research paper submission, was my major project.  This was a major artwork installed so it could be assessed for half an hour and then taken down.  Ohhh the days it took to create for half an hour!  Actually, it was probably alive for 3 or 4 hours in total.  It now lives on in jpegs.  Oh those jpegs!  I’m still rather mourning it – it is the occupational hazard of the artist making ephemeral installations.

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