Studio Time: Preparation for an Exhibition in Sydney!

I set myself a goal for this year.

…to show my work somewhere outside of Victoria. I’m not a huge setter-of-goals, only informal ones. But I put out a few feelers and much to my delight, my proposal to exhibit was accepted by Gaffa in Sydney!

I’ll be showing an installation of vinyl and 6 works on aluminium panel from 6th to 17th July.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have watched the work unfold. But in case you didn’t catch that, here are some shots (along with a few extra shots) of the work unfolding in the studio.

Squeegee-ing: an excellent passtime.

I’ve spent a lot of time focused on my collage installation works in recent years, wrestling with huge sheets of vinyl and painting on the floor. Over a year ago, I started reincorporating painting on panels into my process. Ultimately, I was after a highly glossy paint on a panel that was an object, instead of stuck to a wall and later destroyed. Enter enamel paint. Enamel paint offers the ideal flow and glossy surface that I can get with installations. We are a match made in my personal painting heaven. (Too much? Probably).

Painting like a woman possessed!

So, it’s nice to welcome works-on-panel back into my painting practice. The installations inspire more works on panel and the panels inspire vinyl, collage installations. These are now off to the framers for some TLC and then it’s into the car and up to Sydney I go!

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