The Brushy Parallel Sneak Peak

Work in Progress

An empty wall wasn’t a menacing prospect as I arrived ready to install last Monday morning to install for the Daylesford Group Residency Exhibition, the resultant exhibition from a residency I went on in November last year.  Let me share a few work in process images, only a handful because I forgot to take photos as I worked this time.

Black.  Actually, it’s very dark grey.  I have oft considered it a non-colour, good for outlines and highlights, but my attitude is changing.  As you know, I’m all about colour, but this (shade of) black is so flat.  It just stops.  I mix up glossy colours onto glossy vinyl all the time, but I like the abruptness of this section.



I started out working with the clear vinyl crumpled up where the floor meets the wall.  I liked the way you could see through to what was happening inside the folds.  In fact, there was another part which didn’t make it in the installation, I took it out because I wasn’t entirely happy with it.  It was another piece of clear vinyl with four or so parallel brush strokes on it, and crumpled up into a ball like some paper headed for the rubbish bin, except that it was a large – a bit less than a metre in size.  It had been placed on the floor adjacent to the wall piece. Again, I liked that you could see inside the folds, but it didn’t talk to the rest of the composition how I wanted it to, so it had to go.





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