Places for Paint

Exhibition / Installation

Places for Paint was exhibited at Gaffa Gallery, Sydney from 6 to 17 July 2017.

Paint isn’t obedient. It doesn’t stay. It runs and smudges and hangs-on.

In Naomi Nicholls’ exhibition Places for Paint, colour flows outside where it belongs and onto the walls, floor, and ceiling in the form of large collaged-installation. The paint sits where the artist’s body once moved above it on the floor, gesturing and extending limbs. The physical performance of painting is gone now but the painted forms and collage remain.

These bright veneers are then cut and collaged as they were painted; with the physical effort of the body reaching. These same actions and gestures of the painted installation are interpreted onto aluminium panels – the difference being that these works abide by their boundaries and do not escape as the installation does.