5 Artists + 1 House + 3 Days = 1 Residency

One wintry weekend in November 2013, five artists converged at a large converted farmhouse, just out of Daylesford. Without intention or plan, apart from leaving home behind, they shared the space, pottered, cooked, showed work, took photos, walked, talked, watched, slept, faced off cows, befriended birds, got wet, doodled, played with video cameras, reclined in huge couches, and revelled in the sense of timelessness.

This exhibition is an outcome of that weekend. Using diverse media and methods, including video, projection, installation, painting and photography, the artists in this show demonstrate some of the propositions initiated by such a short incubation in a specific location.



What it was doing being wintery in November is anybody’s guess, but it rained and poured, so we compared notes of our five very different artistic practices.  Somehow there was a singularity of mind, surprising with five disparate ways of working.  Five months on, we share the work with you which was born out of this residency together.  So do come along to this exhibition!


D11 @ Docklands
Shop 3/427 Docklands Drive, Docklands

Exhibition May 3 – 17 (Thursday-Sunday 1-5pm)
Opening: Saturday May 3, 5-8pm




This was the view out the side of the house we stayed in for the residency.  Inspiration was plentiful with this feast for the senses, but  sparing too in that there was room there, away from distractions to absorb and compute.  I became particularly attached to this field and kept returning to the window throughout the weekend to watch it in different light.



Now just a few last minute plans in the studio before I install this week.

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