One Four Four – The First Three Months

This year I was asked to take part in a project with eleven other artists.  Here’s the skinny:

‘Twelve Australian female artists have been invited to participate in onefourfour which sees them create one work a month for one year.  Every artist is assigned a month to choose a theme that all the artists work to, and the results are posted on this blog at the end of each month.  The only restriction is that the work is to be 6 x 6″.’

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Union House Commission

I was recently commissioned to create a mural on a disused wall of Union House at the Parkville Campus of Melbourne University.  The site featured a deep purple wall and a maroon vinyl seating across the front.  I was asked to work with both.  When a site has offered up colours that I have to work with like this in the past, I have toyed with complementing or contrasting, and with ignoring the colour altogether.  This time, I attempted to select a colour palette independent of its background colour but with a different tonal value.

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Homemade Festival 2013

The Homemade Festival wrapped up a couple of weeks ago.  Dancers/performance artists, visual artists and a photographer came together over the space of about almost a year to develop works for this show.  I found the experience fantastic, especially being exposed to how artists in different disciplines (particularly dance and movement) spoke about their work.  I was surprised by how similar their creative process was, in many ways, and found even the vocabulary they spoke with was similar too.

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Span Shapes Becoming Something



Today’s studio time was quick but fruitful.  I had done all the thinking already, so when I arrived, I was woman on a mission.  I stuck my span shapes up, overlapping and crossing a corner (of course) and set to work cutting out some purple brushstroke silhouettes, without a brushstroke for a guide.  With all the time I’ve been spending ‘studying’ brushstrokes, this was a surprisingly easy feat.  I then painted off the vinyl and directly onto the wall.  I’m trying to be a bit looser in the way I’m using vinyl.

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Span Shapes

Today I am in the studio.  I have been writing my research paper, or worry about my research paper a lot lately, and it has kept me from making.  Today I am making.  Having had some feedback recently where a few things were brought to my attention, which I was not seeing, I am trying to begin to change.

I am toying with the idea of not cutting out the brushstrokes exactly as I have been.  Maybe giving them more room.  Maybe even changing up the order of doing things.

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