Exhibition / Installation

Exhibited at West End Art Space in Melbourne from 7 to 28 July 2018.

Naomi Nicholls’ installation practice goes where paint is not meant to be. Her temporary vinyl artworks are made by collaging large pieces of painted adhesive vinyl onto the walls and floor. They are paintings with many vantage points as the artwork wraps around the edges of the viewing space. They undermine the traditional idea of the valuable painted-object hanging on a wall. It is not an orthodox painting; it’s ephemeral, and we can walk around on and inside the painting.

By contrast, Nicholls’ aluminium cutouts adhere to a more typical painted object principle – the ready-to-hang gallery piece, but even here the works subvert conventional painting by abandoning the square canvas. The cutouts reinterpret the forms and gestures of Nicholls’ installation practice.