We packed up the car and took art to Sydney!

You may have already heard about my preparations for taking my work to show in Sydney, and if you did miss it, follow along on my Instagram back a few weeks. Now it’s all over and the dust has settled. I even managed to edit video documentation. More on that later…

One day in early July, we loaded up my little Toyota Corolla with art, bags, snacks, and road trip music/podcasts and started the long drive to Sydney. It is far, far away! I am a bit of a novice to long car trips, so that was an experience. It felt like a real achievement when we finally arrived.

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Union House Commission

I was recently commissioned to create a mural on a disused wall of Union House at the Parkville Campus of Melbourne University.  The site featured a deep purple wall and a maroon vinyl seating across the front.  I was asked to work with both.  When a site has offered up colours that I have to work with like this in the past, I have toyed with complementing or contrasting, and with ignoring the colour altogether.  This time, I attempted to select a colour palette independent of its background colour but with a different tonal value.

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Gesture Cut in Window

For quite some time, I’ve been pondering the possibilities of installing work onto glass, thus having no visual barrier between the inside and the outside, but also approaching it as two-sided depending on the site.  I was pleased to be included in a recent group show at D11 @ Docklands, an ARI (Artist Run Space).

Applying large sheets of vinyl to glass without leaving creases and bubbles behind can be incredibly difficult.  Using a water sprayer liberally (very liberally) usually does the trick, but it’s still very hard especially if you’re doing it with only one pair of hands as I was.  So, like any awesome person with lactic acid flooding their arms held aloft, I enlisted the help of my head on more than one occasion.  Quite the sight, I’m sure.

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Pink Aurora

At the end of July, I was fortunate enough to be included in Luminescence, a group exhibition at the Hotel Windsor, with a $10,000 prize for the winner, to celebrate the 130th year of the hotel.

Here are a few photographs of my play with a few ideas beforehand.  I was painting into photographs and imagining the lobby of the hotel with my broad strokes swathing across its ornate vaulted ceilings and walls.

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On White and Clear and Aqua

While installing my latest work last week, I had one of those lovely moments where a work starts to take on its own life.  It’s no longer just something I am making, it’s a thing that exists by its own volition.  Yes, I admit that I am personifying the artwork, but what’s a little personification between friends?

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