We packed up the car and took art to Sydney!

You may have already heard about my preparations for taking my work to show in Sydney, and if you did miss it, follow along on my Instagram back a few weeks. Now it’s all over and the dust has settled. I even managed to edit video documentation. More on that later…

One day in early July, we loaded up my little Toyota Corolla with art, bags, snacks, and road trip music/podcasts and started the long drive to Sydney. It is far, far away! I am a bit of a novice to long car trips, so that was an experience. It felt like a real achievement when we finally arrived.

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Installation goes International: Exhibition in Penang, Malaysia

Installation goes International: Exhibition in Penang, Malaysia

Showing work in an overseas exhibition, now that would be pretty fantastic. I would even settle for oversea instead of overseas to begin with, Tasmania notwithstanding.  It is a Strait after all, not a sea, but I have my sights set on you too Tassie. Friend and art school compadre, Eva Heiky Olga Abbinga curated a group of Australian artists, myself included, in a show in Penang this past month opening September 12. Eva’s goal was to create connections between art communities in Melbourne and Georgetown, Penang and she received some fantastic support through the Australia Council for the Arts and raised money from generous donors through the Australian Cultural Fund. With this in mind I began to consider the theme of the exhibition, colour.

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©2015 Naomi Nicholls Three-in-One Orbital

Lightboxes, a Peephole and Watercolours You Haven’t Seen Before

What’s as challenging as painting really large? That would have to be forcing grand scale ideas into a small box. That’s what I did earlier this year with fellow artists Larissa MacFarlane and Ilona Nelson. The Hobsons Bay City Council’s Orbital space consists of four light boxes and a tiny peephole. Working together with Orbital curator, Heather van Heerwaarden, we put together Three-In-One.

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Ephemera: Why it’s not a shame when I tear down an artwork

1.lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory: the ephemeral joys of childhood.
2.lasting but one day: an ephemeral flower.
3.anything short-lived, as certain insects.

My work exists for a time and then it is gone again – it’s ephemeral.  This is a word I have become closely acquainted with.  Rather a nice one, especially in it’s pural form, ephemera

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The Making of Reaching/Pushing for onefourfour

Space. When given the theme for onefourfour this past month, I thought ‘I’m all over this’.  Much of my work for the last few years has related to space, I have been obsessed.  I can relate space to just about anything.  But it coincidentally aligned with some ideas I have been working on lately around placing my body in the artwork, instead of just focusing on the marks it can make.

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