Paint and Vinyl, Together Again

“Painting onto vinyl. Yes, that’s what I’m doing.” She utters inwardly, in relief!

Something about the middle of the year sends me for a bit of a tailspin in my practice. I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence or something else. But at the middle or briefly after the middle of the year, I am in struggle town – that’s the way it has been for the past few years. This year, I think it’s because I have been deconstructing what I do, peeling back layers and layers and questioning everything, reducing reducing… That’s all reportedly what you do in an Honours year. Huzzah. I am having a great time learning so much here, but I am also rebuilding. Perhaps only just days ago turning the corner and starting to build instead of continuing the deconstruction of my ideas and marks and ways of working. So many metaphors. So so many metaphors. Perhaps with a dash of ‘hang in there kitty’.

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Legal Tagging and the Body Signature

Recently, I discovered a local ‘Urban Art Supplier’, a phrase I had never actually contemplated.  How very closed minded of me.  Yet, it is true.  The establishment, with a secure entrance (they have to buzz you in), feels like a dungeon, but of the delightful kind if it’s possible.  Every wall is floor to ceiling colours of spray paint, in brands I have largely never seen before, and colours of many different shades.  It’s not just pink – oh no – it’s baby pink, light pink, dark pink, fluoro pink, pearlescent pink, metallic pink, plus those options in every other colour too.  I do love that about art stores in general.

In addition, there were paint pens/textas in many colours and thicknesses.  Some really thick, diabolically thick actually, ink pens.  I had often seen tagging around and wondered what they’d used.  I then discovered a new tool.  A mop.

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Christening My Newish Studio with an Experiment

I want to share with you some play from my first few weeks in this, my new studio (now more newish than new).  It’s a good space, reasonable light, quite a decent size, compared to what I’ve had before and after a short period of being stuck on paper, I let fly at the wall.

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Painting Experiment 3 (Yellow, Blue, Red)

(c) 2012 Naomi Nicholls, Painting Experiment 3 (Yellow, Blue, Red)
Video still

This still is from my latest painting experiment, this time with red, yellow and blue.  Are you seeing a theme with primary colours recently?

This is the most successful yet.  I was able to get the lighting right, a good camera and edit properly.  I’m learning a lot about the video process.  However, as you learn more about making video, you find there is so much more to know.  I enjoy making videos, but for the moment, that’s not where I want my focus to go.  So, they might just appear in my work now and then.

This work will form part of my assessment this semester and may turn up in some exhibitions in the future.

Random and Deliberate Brush Marks

Incrementally throughout my recent works on wooden boards I have been experimenting with random and deliberate brush marks.  When you paint something, like a house or a piece of furniture, you use brush marks in such a way as to get good coverage but it’s also quite random.  Noticing this in my own work, I have sought to be more deliberate in my use of this.  (It’s a further development in what I was trying to get at with other tests with brush strokes.)

It started appearing in various tests.  And I wanted to take that randomness and try and use it in my work.

I used it alongside straight edged shapes, trying to figure out in what capacity it could fit into my work.  But didn’t feel really attached to the rough a scumbly edges.

I started to fill in with a sharp edge the shapes the brush marks created.
Suddenly, these wonky shapes started appearing amongst the straight edged ones.

These were still random and deliberate shapes that were part of a line of unfolding architectural shapes (as above).  But I also started to play with the shapes as their own beast.

These are still tests.  I haven’t made any resolved works out of them, but they are good to have cooking along in the background.  I feel they still have a very strong relationship to architecture and space.  So I expect there will be more of these, perhaps in a wall installation capacity.