Art in Public Places on Mason Street

Ah public art.  Everyone has an opinion, and I have inserted myself into that scene with eyes somewhat open, knowing what I might find there, but hopeful that the experience would be overall good.

Linked Internal Space II, another of my works which is part of Art in Public Places, is situated on a fairly main thoroughfare for parents with kids on their way to the park, commuters on their way to the train station and those out for a little local shopping.  Another artwork for a previous project had occupied the wall up until a week or two before I installed – underneath was blank coffee-coloured brick wall with black graffiti tags spray painted all over.  My first job was to paint the bricks grey, my desired background colour.  Most passers-by seemed to think I was just painting out the graffiti – what a good citizen.  Sorry ladies and gentlemen, I had ulterior motives.

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Art in Public Places

I’m currently in the thick of installing work for the Hobsons Bay City Council initiative, Art in Public Places.

Three sites and I have two days left(!).

The first site, is at Mason St Newport.  And outdoor site, brick wall and asphalt footpath.  Once the previous artwork was removed from the wall, it revealed what I had to work with; a painted brick wall, with some damage.  I painted it a pale grey all over for the base coat.

Working outdoors has presented some challenges I’m not used to.  For starters, it gets dark of an evening – earlier and earlier now that we are headed to shorter days.  So I have needed to work around  my other commitments and daylight.  But not only that, the weather has been hits and misses since the weekend, with intermittent showers.

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