©2015 Naomi Nicholls Three-in-One Orbital

Lightboxes, a Peephole and Watercolours You Haven’t Seen Before

What’s as challenging as painting really large? That would have to be forcing grand scale ideas into a small box. That’s what I did earlier this year with fellow artists Larissa MacFarlane and Ilona Nelson. The Hobsons Bay City Council’s Orbital space consists of four light boxes and a tiny peephole. Working together with Orbital curator, Heather van Heerwaarden, we put together Three-In-One.

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onefourfour – Interview: Naomi Nicholls (cross-post)

I was interviewed on the onefourfour project blog.  I’m cross posting it here for you all to see.

How do you describe your work to others?
Describing the visual and experiential in words is an artform in itself, but as an artist, you have to try. Put simply, I make abstract paintings large enough to step inside.  The more complex description is that I make paintings directly onto wall, floor and ceiling using my gesture and reach to make a kind of signature of my body across a space, a residue of my body having been present at some time.

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